Main results

The project comprises two main results: the "Open Museums" Competence Guide and the "Open Museums" e-learning Course 
"Open Museums" Competence Guide
The Guide is directed to museums' staff to provide them with the necessary skills for completing the digital transformation of their museum. The skills that will acquire will help them create virtual tours, use digital online tools,  maintain the museum’s social media and create their own e-shop.
More specifically, the guide will include: 
- Key competencies related to the sustainability of museums. These will be based on the Digital Competence Framework.
- Analyses of the museum staffs’ digital skill shortages 
- Key factors for delivering a successful e-learning training approach to museum staff. 
- Identification of barriers to knowledge transfer. 
- Collection of potential tools and skills in regards to Social Entrepreneurship to be included in the e-learning course.

Click here to download the Competence Guide in EN, ES, GRITNL

*As part of the Competence Guide composition process, the partnership conducted surveys and interviews among museum staff and put together a collection of best practices that some museums are already applying towards a digital presence. 

Click here to download the Best Practices Collection
"Open Museums" e-learning Course 
The e-learning Course will constitute an open online resource, accessible to all museum and cultural organizations’ personnel from all over Europe. It will guide museum staff through the necessary steps for creating a strong digital presence and use innovative tools for engaging their audience. The course will help them create an added value proposition to their audience and make their museum more sustainable,