The Folklore Company of Varnava in the Municipality of Marathon is a non-profit organization, which was established in 2002 in Varnava, Attiki. In 2003 the Interactive Historical Folklore Museum was set up containing a reproduction of a house of the last century and the European Museum of Bread was set up in 2005 containing over 1,500 exhibits of decorative bread from all over Greece and the world. This collection of bread is considered one of the largest in the world and the exhibition entitled “Roads of Bread” has travelled widely within Greece and abroad. The museums play an active role in the preservation and conservation of our country’s cultural heritage with on-going events and lectures about folklore, cultural heritage, volunteerism, agriculture (bread, wine, olive) traditional nutrition and health, environmentalism, quality of life and the showing of new artists’ work.            
Their activities can be summarised in the following: 
 • Implementation of training programs for student and adults. 
 • Organisation of various artistic exhibitions, including painting, drawing, sculpture, handicrafts, jewellery, pottery, wood sculpture, photography (modern and old), mosaics etc. 
 • Organisation of cultural events.
 • Establishment of: a theatrical team, a library and a big group of volunteers. • Publication of books/ studies          
• Development of CDs and DVDs. Due to an increasing number of visitors, we rented new premises in 2010, which we renovated and reconstructed into a two-storey building of the last century with a traditional wine press, an outside oven and a lower and upper floor.